Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome to Soma Evolution!

Soma Evolution is a blog and resource to explore the transformation and evolution of the human self.  The word "soma" comes from the Greek meaning the living body in its wholeness, the interconnection of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  This blog is an exploration of my own personal journey of somatic transformation.  

In April 2004, while traveling through India on spiritual retreat I fell from a one story building resulting in a C5/C6 spinal cord injury becoming a quadriplegic.  I have limited movement and sensation from the chest down but continue to see improvements in my strength, balance, and mobility due to the rigorous exercise-based recovery program I am engaged in at Awakenings Health Institute

I also ride horses weekly at REINS a therapeutic equine riding program in Fallbrook, CA.  My balance and core strength have improved greatly since participating in this activity.  I also feel an amazing sense of tranquility and emotional well being. 

In May 2007 I traveled to Shenyang, China to participate in an experimental stem cell therapy program.  Over the course of month I received 5 treatments of 10-15 million umbilical cord blood stem cells, daily acupuncture, physical and hand therapy.  After each treatment I experienced a noticeable increase in energy and decrease in pain.  Now 10 months later, my overall endurance, strength and balance has continued to maintain itself.  Recently, I have seen an increase of activity in my legs that is allowing me to stand with minimal assistance at the parallel bars.  

It is difficult to really say if my recovery is due to the stem cells alone or a combination of all the therapies I have been engaged in.  My sense is that everything I am doing is stimulating my nervous system in some way and contributing to my recovery.

"There is no such thing as good or bad, but our thinking makes it so"  Shakespeare

I am confidence that all experiences happen for a purpose and are here to serve us.  It is up to us to decide the meaning of these experiences.  It is my belief that if we are open to life and surrender to the moment magic is all around us and suffering is just an illusion.  

For me suffering is usually when I get caught up into negative thoughts about my experience. When I accept things as as they truly are, suffering disappears. Some of my most powerful experiences have been extremely challenging but also very rewarding.  

Welcome to my journey...


Blogger Davinhope said...

Hey Rafe,
Thanks for the awsome and inspirational story of your skiing experience. It's always great to hear what you are up to. Weather you are Horseback riding, surfing, skiing or just chilling with your friends you are living a life as a model of possibility for all. As always thanks for all your amazing perspective and friendship.
Love you brother, Davin and Darci

March 30, 2008 at 8:19 AM  

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